TraPac Appointment System Policy:   

General Knowledge: 

  •  Appointments are released daily at approximately 08:00 AM PST
  • In LAX, TraPac recommends the use of eModal’s Advance PreGate feature to assist with booking an appointment within a specific time window. Please continue reading for more info on this feature
  • TraPac will waive demurrage or extend free time in the following circumstances:
    • delays in the performance of on-terminal government inspections (VACIS, CET x-rays, On-dock Inspections, etc.)
    • delays caused by equipment failures
    • delays caused by service interruptions (congestion, e.g., “no service”)
    • zero appointment availability during free time
    • delays caused by drayage controlled by TraPac to the off-dock rail-head
    • delays caused by technology failures (eModal).
  •  TraPac will not waive demurrage or extend the free time for the following circumstances:
    • Chassis availability
    • Missed appointments
    • Waiting until the LFD to make an appointment
    • Appointment time preferences
      • For example, requesting only 1st shift appointment time slots or not booking available weekend or hoot (3rd shift) gate appointments.
    • Empty receiving schedule
  • The appointment “Grace Period” can be found at and is adjusted as gate congestion increases and lowers.
  • TraPac does not exempt appointments.

TraPac’s customer service team addresses each request on a case-by-case basis taking the specific circumstances into account. The case-by-case approach allows the terminal to react more effectively to changes that impact container availability.  Container availability is defined as the time in which the container is placed in an open area.   TraPac’s policy regarding the waiver of demurrage or extension of free time is fundamentally based on whether there is a reasonable opportunity to retrieve the cargo during free time. Cargo availability directly impacts the reasonability analysis.

If a BCO (Beneficial Cargo Owner) does not agree with the decision made by the terminal, we will provide the BCO with the VOCC’s contact information so that the VOCC can make a final determination regarding whether to waive demurrage or extend free time.


Ocean Carrier Responsibility:

 Please note that the Ocean Carrier retains the final responsibility for determining the amount of demurrage to be collected as they have the ability to extend the number of free days, waive demurrage days, or direct that cargo be released without collecting funds as they see fit.  If the extension of free time does not reflect on eModal or the Ocean Carrier website, please contact the Ocean Carrier directly.


Last Free Day Extension request for “No Appointment Availability”

If you are submitting an extension of free time request due to “No Appointment Availability” at TraPac, you must provide a screenshot of eModal showing appointment options within 24 hours of the container becoming first available. You must submit screenshots of eModal as proof of no appointments for TraPac personnel to consider an extension of free time. No extensions of free time will be given if the below is not attempted.

DO NOT REQUEST AN EXTENSION ON THE LAST FREE DAY. TraPac will not extend on the Last Free Day unless proof is provided that no appointments were available each day during free time.

Who to contact:

Contact us at the region-specific (container type-specific) email address to inquire about appointment system or terminal issues.

Regional Import Mailboxes (email proper inbox only)

Where to find Last Free Day & Demurrage Payments:

TraPac does not display the Last Free Day (LFD) or Demurrage owed information on While most of this functionality remains on, depending on the Ocean Carrier, please contact your Ocean Carrier regarding best practices for capturing LFD and paying demurrage.

eModal Advance PreGate:

At TraPac LAX, the eModal platform allows a trucking company to request an appointment reservation before the container is available; This is known as an “Advance Reservation Request.” Using this feature, you are guaranteed an appointment within your free time. For the Advance PreGate to be successful, you must request an Advance PreGate before the import discharges the vessel. 

To create an “Advance Reservation Request,” follow these steps:

  1. From the hamburger menu, select the main menu item ‘eModal Community Portal’ and ‘Advance Reservation Request’.
  2. Click the ‘Advance Pregate Request’ button.
  3. Select the Trucking Company, Terminal, and Move Type. (Pick Import is the only available move type currently.)
  4. Enter container number(s) and choose the desired option from the “Advance Selection” drop-down
    1. Note: When selecting the desired Advance Pregate shift, if “First Available” is selected, this means you could be provided with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift appointment. If you cannot make the provided appointment, please ensure you cancel or rebook your provided appointment.
  5. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  6. Ensure all required fields are updated (based on the terminal’s rules). Then click the ‘Save’ button.
  7. You can now view your ‘Advance Reservation Request’ within your list.


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