Quick Tips for Truck Drivers in Automation

  1.  Verify the container number and chassis size on your EIR (ticket) before entering the automation area.
  2.  Do not use cell phones or other obstructive devices while backing in, the lanes are very tight and your attention is needed.
  3.  Back up all the way to the bumper block.
  4.  Check your pins before walking out of the lane.
  5.  Wait for the GREEN light before going back to your truck after delivery.  DO NOT enter with a RED light, this will shut off the machine and cause other drivers longer delays.


Infractions that are not tolerated and will result in “trucker ban status” in our system

  • Breaking the light curtain.
  • Driving around the yard with landing gear down (landing gear is to be put down at the chassis pits only).
  • Bringing in damaged equipment and not notifying management at the trouble booth.
  • Dropping empty returns on wheels when the EIR ticket states differently (there are instances when we will divert empties to wheels, in these cases we will sign the EIR.)